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About the 2013 NYSSWA Kerr Cup All-Sport Championship process
   (1) The data was compiled by the New York State Sportswriters Association. The NYSSWA Kerr Cup All-Sport Championship is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

   (2) Only NYSPHSAA schools were considered. The CHSAA, PSAL and AIS schools do not participate in statewide championships in a system that makes integrating their results with the state's largest organization feasible.

   (3) Schools were assigned to classes AA through D based on BEDS numbers. Single-sex schools BEDS numbers were doubled. Schools that play up or are assigned to a higher class in one or more sports were assigned to the class that reflects actual BEDS data.

   We use the enrollment cutoffs each year that correspond with the NYSPHSAA basketball tournament: Class AA, 925-up; Class A, 525-924; Class B, 305-524; Class C, 175-304; Class D, 174-under.

   (4) Points were assigned based upon results from New York State Public High School Athletic Association championship tournaments and meets, with scoring based on the first eight places. Losing tournament semifinalists were ranked as being tied for third; losing quarterfinalists were ranked as tied for fifth. Sports for which team championships were officially awarded were scored on a 15-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 basis.

   Sports in which team championships were not awarded but meaningful team scoring could be compiled (for example, wrestling) were assigned one-third the points value. The rationale behind this included a determination that in most cases coaches would have substantially changed strategy had true team championships been at stake. In track, for instance, many athletes would have been entered in multiple individual events rather than the pentathlon in order to maximize their results.

   Tennis, golf and gymnastics, where the fortunes of a school typically rise and fall with a single state-meet entrant, were not included in the process.

   Outdoor track was the sole exception to the use of NYSPHSAA results. Because of the complex nature of that meet, we began with final Federation results, moving NYSPHSAA members up as necessary based on final team scoring to replace non-NYSPHSAA schools.

   (5) Sports in which the championships only reach the level of a regional championship per NYSPHSAA standards (for example, rifle) were not scored. Volleyball became the 15th boys sport to be scored when the NYSPHSAA held its first state championship in November 2010.

   There are 13 scoring sports for girls.

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   Long Island's four-class football tournament is the only event in the Kerr Cup All-Sport Championship that is not a NYSPHSAA statewide competition. Champions of the four divisions in Sections 8 and 11 were awarded points. Losers of the season-ending Long Island bowl games received 2.5 points (the same as a losing NYSPHSAA tournament quarterfinalist). Winners were awarded seven points, though the points were split evenly between winners from the same class when rated against NYSPHSAA BEDS cutoffs.

   That formula was last revised for the 2011 Kerr Cup.

   (6) Consolidated teams (for example, Pittsford Sutherland and Mendon in boys swimming or East Rochester and Gananda in football) had their points divided equally among participating schools.

   (7) Downstae sections sometimes receive a bye into the Class D semifinals in certain sports despite the fact other sections had to win a play-in just to reach the quarterfinals. Beginning in 2011 Kerr Cup compilations, schools receiving a bye into the semifinals at the same time that there was a quarterfinal play-in game required somewhere else in the bracket only received the same point total as a losing quarterfinalist unless they won at least one game.

   That rule was applied to Livingston Manor girls basketball for the 2012-13 season, though it ultimately had no effect on Class D standings.

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